**THIS SITE IS NO LONGER BEING UPDATED. Please visit FIRST’s new website at first.davidson.edu/home. **

Fostering Inclusivity and Respect in Science Together (FIRST) aims for Davidson to build our inclusive capacity to engage all students in science, especially those who are new majority students or come to college via non-traditional pathways. We aim to change the way we do business, we aspire to remove barriers, to be more welcoming, and to help make science and scientists more diverse.


Scientists in the United States do not reflect our country’s demographic diversity, which means critically important talent necessary to solve difficult challenges is absent.  The Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) launched the Inclusive Excellence initiative as part of its ongoing work to promote leadership in improving science education.  Inclusive Excellence grants catalyze institutional ability to build capacity to engage all undergraduates students in the sciences, particularly students from diverse backgrounds.  This initiative requires participating colleges and universities to identify opportunities, change their cultures, and reflect in ways that will reduce barriers and enhance student success in the sciences.

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