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Welcoming Students • Four Quotes (December 2019)

December 31, 2019

“It’s not enough to slap your office hours on the syllabus and expect that students will find their own way.  Provide specific examples of how interactions outside class positively influence performance.”     Cassandra O’Sullivan Sachar (Inside Higher Ed 05.14.19)

“Students are affected by more than just the quality of the lesson plan.  They also respond to the passion of their teachers and the engagement of their peers, and they seek a sense of purpose.  They benefit from specific instructions, constant feedback and a culture of learning that encourages resilience.”     John Urschel (The New York Times 05.11.19)

“We need to create a culture and ecosystem in STEM that include underrepresented groups and encourages their and others’ participation — a culture and ecosystem that don’t care how or when you got there but welcome you when you arrive.”     Wendy Hill (Inside Higher Ed 10.02.19)

“When an instructor lets students know that they expect occasional failures, that they are there to help them learn, and they genuinely care about their success…students are not afraid to come to their instructor…because they know their teacher wants to help.”     Addy, A. Husseini, & A. DeVault (Faculty Focus 06.10.19)

Handout available at this link.


December 31, 2019