Changing institutional structures, procedures, policies, and traditions that prohibit student success is critical, yet often exceptionally hard to accomplish.  Thus FIRST will launch an Institutional Action Teams. Each year FIRST’s Leadership Team will select one specific institutional barrier and catalyze a FIRST Institutional Action Team of influential students, staff, and faculty members to study the barrier and propose specific, actionable recommendations that will be communicated directly to faculty leadership, administration, and the campus at large.

Each team will be charged with removing or reducing at least one specific institutional barrier to new majority student success in STEM that is beyond the reach of even the most committed and successful individuals. Acknowledging that change can be slow and building buy-in can take time, the Core Leadership Team will keep Institutional Action Team recommendations “on the agenda” so specific recommendations for positive change improve inclusivity in STEM at Davidson.

The inaugural FIRST Institutional Action Team  will organize in Spring 2019. Suggestions, ideas, and nominations for FIRST Institutional Action Team topics and members are welcome and may be communicated to any member of the FIRST Leadership Team.