MILE: More Inclusive Learning Environments

MILE in Spring 2021:  MILE Student Advisors function as consultants to help Davidson faculty/staff members gain information and make decisions informed by student experiences, observations, and feedback, particularly with regard to learning, campus climate, and inclusivity.  MILE Student Advisors host group conversations and individual sessions on Fridays at noon and are available to schedule class observations.  The Spring 2021 MILE Student Advisor Team includes Jeriel Adarquah-Yiadom ’22 (Computer Science), Nade Bai ’22 (Political-Science, Philosophy, and Economics/Computer Science), Juan Diaz Mercado ’22 (Latin American Studies), Andrew Erler ’22 (Biology), Erin Mansell ’22 (Biology/Music), Luisa Pereira ’22 (Memory Studies), and Eleni Tsitinidi ’21 (Physics/Computer Science). 


A. MILE Group Conversations (sign up in advance at; recommend topics at this link). 

MILE Student Advisors host conversations about inclusive pedagogies and strategies to create environments that are anti-racist and multicultural for small groups of faculty/staff members on alternating Fridays from noon-12:55 pm Eastern via Zoom.  Conversations begin with introductions, declarations of intent, goals, and community standards to ensure that conversations are confidential and welcoming of all perspectives (stories stay and lessons leave).  MILE Student Advisors will introduce the topic and encourage questions and open, collaborative conversations.  To close, MILE Student Advisors will ask faculty/staff members to share action items to encourage accountability.

MILE Group Conversations:
F 02.05.21 – noon-12:55 – Campus Resources for Students
F 02.19.21 – noon-12:55 – Topic TBA
F 03.05.21 – noon-12:55 – Topic TBA
F 03.19.21 – noon-12:55 – Topic TBA
F 04.02.21 – noon-12:55 – Topic TBA
F 04.16.21 – noon-12:55 – Topic TBA


B. MILE Individual Consultations (sign up in advance at
MILE Student Advisors provide 25-minute individual consultations via Zoom on alternating Fridays (noon-12:55) as quick, accessible, and confidential student focus groups for Davidson faculty/staff members.  MILE Student Advisors will prepare by reviewing materials submitted in advance.  At consultations, MILE Student Advisors will introduce themselves and ask the faculty/staff member to describe a goal and specific questions on which they seek student feedback.  At the end of the consultation, MILE Student Advisors will ask the faculty/staff member to share an action item to encourage accountability. 

MILE Individual Consultations: 
F 02.12.21 – noon-12:25 and 12:30-12:55
F 02.26.21 – noon-12:25 and 12:30-12:55
F 03.12.21 – noon-12:25 and 12:30-12:55
F 03.26.21 – noon-12:25 and 12:30-12:55
F 04.09.21 – noon-12:25 and 12:30-12:55
F 04.23.21 – noon-12:25 and 12:30-12:55


C. MILE Student Advisor Class Observations (sign up in advance at 

Faculty members may request a MILE Student Advisor(s) to sit in on a specific class session(s) to share their experiences as students, consider classroom dynamics, and/or provide specific observations requested by the instructor.  After the visit(s) the MILE Student Advisor(s) will share their observations, experiences, perspectives, and/or notes with the faculty member in the spirit of professional development (not evaluation).  All feedback will be confidential and MILE Student Advisor notes will be discarded after feedback is shared directly and exclusively with the faculty member who requested the visit. 


MILE Origin: The FIRST Action Team students suggested MILE in 2019 with the first iteration of MILE in Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 was a semester-long, one-on-one student-faculty classroom partnership modeled after Bryn Mawr’s Students as Learners and Teachers (SaLT).   At MILE’s foundation, student experiences are translated into developmental feedback for a faculty/staff member to make informed choices with potential to improve future student learning experiences.

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