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Supporting Learning • Four Quotes (January 2020)

January 31, 2020

“The single most important strategy we can use to help our students to succeed in our courses is to care about them as learners and as human beings.”   

Josh Eyler (How Humans Learn 2018)


“Real learning occurs when students:

  • try to produce something consequential,
  • see the purpose in what they’re doing,
  • have some choice about what they learn,
  • get regular feedback,
  • are part of a community that offers support and
    demands high standards.”                                             

Edutopia (Twitter 08.03.19)


Inclusive instructors:

  • reduce barriers
  • increase opportunities for their students
  • recognize classrooms are inherently social spaces.

Luis Rivera (05.19)


“While many current efforts emphasize how to best teach and deliver course content it is also vital that we improve how students spend their independent time outside of the classroom.”     

Fernando Rodriguez et al. (PLoS ONE 2018)

Handout available at this link.


January 31, 2020